James Moorhouse was born in Hong Kong in 1974. He is a self taught artist working largely in acrylics and oils. He has been producing paintings on an non commissioned basis for over 20 years. He has had exhibitions in London and the West country.  

His subjects include landscapes and riverscapes, country pursuits, game fish, old masters and Mediterranean scenes. His art has evolved over the past 10 years and is now largely impressionist in style. He works both on location and by using digital photography to source his subjects.  He takes a lot of inspiration from the rivers and landscapes of the South of England. 

His portfolio encompasses a wide variety of subject matter and shows both his attention to detail and his ability to capture light and perspective.


Commissions are available subject to negotiation with the artist.  Please go to the contact page to send your enquiry. 

Exhibition 5th - 9th October
10am to 6pm daily


Ashley Wood Farmmore 
‎Fonthill Gifford
Tisbury, Wiltshire 
01747 873075